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College Years Part Four.

By SuperUser Account on 5/6/2013

As I approached my final year and a half in college I had been greatly affected by the experiences that I had during the first two and a half years. These experiences had caused me to completely re-evaluate my own personal theology and my own understanding of my relationship with God and the church. 

personal theology

College Years Part Three.

By SuperUser Account on 1/7/2013

Before I start with this chapter I would like to apologise for the long hiatus since my last addition to this story. Things have been moving rather quickly in my life over the last few months as I have been gradually taking up Ministry again for the first time since 2003. Having said that, let us continue with the story.

church conflict
growing spiritualy

College Years Part Two.

By SuperUser Account on 10/4/2012

The year is 1995 and as I started to prepare for my second year at college, I was forced to look back and reflect on the journey so far. With all the drama of moving and settling into a new lifestyle and study behind me, I was finally able to examine some of the things that had taken place in the previous year with some clarity.


College Years Part One.

By SuperUser Account on 8/6/2012

The time is February 1994 and Alison, myself and our children have finally settled into our new accommodation at Morling College in Sydney. As I have mentioned earlier the move from Tamworth was a very traumatic time for me personally.

Morling College

The Journey Part Three.

By SuperUser Account on 7/24/2012

The time is 31st of January 1994, my wife Alison and myself along with our children are driving with trailer behind towards Sydney.We have loaded up our trailer with our possessions and we are all looking forward to a new future while studying at the Baptist Theological College at Eastwood. It had been a pleasant drive and we are all very relaxed and enjoying the journey.

Baptist Theological College

The Journey Part 2.

By SuperUser Account on 6/21/2012

The time, Christmas 1993 and we are on holidays at Sawtell near Coffs Harbour. Each year for the last five years we have come here for a break for both ourselves and our children. Enjoying a relaxing atmosphere and the surf and being able to read a decent book while catching up on some sleep. We are fortunate to have a tent that can hold all five of us with comfort and each year we set up camp in the council caravan park at Sawtell. In the caravan park there is an island of camping space set amongst the different roads that runs throughout the park. It has gentle slope that runs down to the showers and amenities and is populated with a mass of trees. This area is not suitable for caravans but rather for those who wish to pitch a tent.

Coffs Harbour

The Journey Part 1.

By SuperUser Account on 5/22/2012

I pick up here where I left off last time. It is a Sunday night and Alison and myself attended a service at the Baptist church in Tamworth for the first time. The evening service was a time of joy, singing, praise and worship. I had not felt so close to God for a long time as I did that night. I was impressed by the friendliness and acceptance of the other people in attendance. We were welcomed with open arms and encouraged as we worshiped the Lord together and sang his praises. It was the first time in a long time I had an inkling of what a walk with our Lord was all about.

David Splitt
Tamworth Bapist Church

Beginnings Part 3.

By SuperUser Account on 5/8/2012

The time is mid-1989 and at present I have not had any boils or infections and the staph infection that had run riot throughout my body is now dormant. I have come to a place in my life were I the Lord has healed me but I did not know or understand the reason why.

Port Kembla

Beginnings Part 2.

By SuperUser Account on 4/23/2012
The time is 1989 and I have moved on from running a workshop for JT and HM Savage Proprietary Ltd and are now working with my father operating Tamworth Alignment Centre. Business is good, we have taken over from the previous owners and are gradually getting the hang of doing car, truck and bus......
JT and HM Savage Ltd
The Order of St Luke

Beginnings Part 1.

By SuperUser Account on 4/12/2012

I was born in 1954 and I was the second son of Bill and Myra Forrester of Lake Heights near Wollongong New South Wales Australia. However this is not where I am going to start this journey because to understand the journey one needs to understand what has transpired in my life over the last 24 years...

Golden Staph
Lake Heights